<span style="display:none;">Shoestrap: The most advanced Bootstrap WordPress theme</span>

Shoestrap: The most advanced Bootstrap WordPress theme

Responsive and mobile-first

Sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile first front-end framework for faster and easier web development using WordPress.
We use Bootstrap as our CSS framework to make your development as streamlined and simple as possible and take it a step further, allowing you to set your own breakpoints, screen sizes and everything else you can think of.
This way you can be sure that your content will be displayed in all modern devices while at the same time you maintain full control.

More than 150 options

Customize every aspect on your site, from layouts to colors, logos, backgound images, custom CSS and everything in between!

Developer-friendly & Open-Source

We’ve made this theme a developer’s heaven! You can use acions to override templates, add template parts and anything you can think of! See the Documentation site for more details.
Open-Source means you can improve it and contribute your suggestion back on our repository:

fork on github

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